Business intelligence reporting, application and hosting solutions

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Development services

Using the powerful MicroStrategy platform, we design and build:

intuitive reports and dashboards that turn data into actionable insights

innovative application solutions that enable process management through customized application workflows

secure mobile technology solutions that enable users to both read and write data from mobile devices

we deliver end-to-end technical development, from database and ETL work through to web-based or mobile solutions

get answers on any device at anytime with our web- or mobile-based solutions

benefit from rapid data discovery with our bespoke dashboards, applications and reporting

build and share your own reports using our collaborative environment

receive notifications when action needs to be taken – no more sifting through data with our configurable exception-based alerting

tailor the experience to users to increase efficiency user-based security

map applications to your processes using our customizable workflow


How we work

Our unique, collaborative approach has not only made us a trusted partner for success, but has also resulted in millions of dollars of savings for our clients. We work closely with clients from the very beginning, from assessing business requirements and establishing benefits by running pilots, through to post-go-live technical and non-technical support that ensures ongoing success and adoption throughout the business. By working with us you’ll benefit from:

an expert development team with specialist industry knowledge

onsite support – we prefer to work locally with you and your business users

more than just a technical solution – we advise on how to integrate the solution into your business culture

data security that meets your IT requirements while remaining end-user focused

monitoring of end-user adoption to assess success


As a certified Microstrategy partner, we:

enjoy partner discounts that enable us to keep our prices competitive

have access to an extensive MicroStrategy support network

can keep our customers up-to-date with all the latest releases


Its powerful primary functions make Microstrategy the perfect fit for our business:

governed data security, enabling business users to build reports without compromising security

vast library of powerful visualizations for fast data exploration and insights

transactional services that enable data to be written, which delivers full application functionality

ability to deploy solutions on web and mobile securely





Hosting services

Private, secure, cloud-based hosting for reporting and application solutions

private cloud hosted by Rackspace – we do not operate in a public shared cloud

fully auditable, ISO27001-certified Rackspace servers

hardware-based intrusion prevention/detection

data is further secured using AES at-rest data encryption

hosting environment approved to highly sensitive data

single sign-on enables you to retain control of user access

our private app store and advanced encryption technology enables users to read and write data from mobile devices securely







Support services

We provide a full support service, taking care of both the physical environment and the integrity of the data, reports and applications:

proactive automated monitoring of:
– data feeds
– data hierarchies
– application integrity

24/7 direct phone and email access to our technical support desk

monthly service level agreement (SLA) reporting.

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